Tips for Email Marketing SEO

Are you searching for email marketing SEO tips? Is there a way to leverage email marketing with SEO? But keywords have no power here, right? Search engines can’t index emails, it’s fact (more on this myth below). But that doesn’t mean that mass mailing has nothing to do with SEO. A little email optimization magic can influence your SERP positions! We will show you how a newsletter generates extra traffic for your website and increases its ranking.

How to post blog content in email newsletters?

Post a preview of blog content in your newsletter. So, the people who are interested in this piece of information will go to your website. This way, you can enlarge your traffic significantly. Just notify your target audience that you have new material on your blog.

For sending the preview of blog content you should develop an HTML template for your emails. The design of it should harmonize with your blog’s one. There should be the same colors and fonts.

The email digest consists of:

Introduction. Be sure to write why you are sending this email and what you want to share with the recipients. One or several blog article previews. The standard structure of them is:


The H1 of your blog article can serve the role of title, and it will be enough.


You should make it catchy so that it will make people have a desire to go to your blog and read the full material. It’s possible to put a little extract of the article there, but it should be really short and the most interesting one. Also, it will be perfect if you write it separately because it can be really hard to choose the short and catchy extract from the full article. Just write 1-3 sentences that reflect the full article content.

CTA button

(like “Read the full article”, “Read more”) with the link to the certain blog page. You can advertise several latest articles in one email if you don’t want to irritate the recipients with too frequent mailings.